How does the Zombie Mode work?

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Zombie Mode Explained

Perhaps you already discovered the "Zombie Mode" Feature in the game. It can be triggered by certain potions or items and gives you the "Autofight" buff. But what does that buff do?

As long as the Autofight buff is active, the player tries to act on his own.

He does the following things in order:


1. Equip the best melee weapon. This is the weapon with the highest damage. If an item has a poison or leech effect, these add additional priority when selecting the best weapon.

2. Equip the best armor for each armor slot. Equip a shield if the best weapon wasn't a two-handed one. The ranking for the best armor is based on various things such as stat modifiers.

3. Is it dark? Search the inventory for a light source (torch, lantern) and light it. None available? Try to cast the spell "Magic Torch". If that fails, abort Autofight.

4. Check the hotslots for buffs. If the player has put an item in a hotslot, that will give a buff (+ Strength, + AC etc.), it is used if the buff isn't already active. The same goes for buff spells that are in a hotslot.

5. Am I standing near to a door? Open it.

6. Am I standing on a trap? Step aside!

7. Am I hungry? Eat.

8. Is my health < 50%? Try to use an adequate healing potion from the inventory. Else try to rest.

9. Do I have one of the spells "Shatter", "Disarm" or "Open Chests" and is my mana < 50%? Use a mana potion or rest.

10. Is my Stamina < 50%? Rest.


1. Is an enemy near? Attack!

2. Do I stand on a locked chest? Try to open it via a key or try to cast the "Open Chests" spell.

3. Any items I can pick up here? Pick them up if inventory space permits.

4. Is a trap on any of the neighboring tiles? Try to use a "Dietrich", cast the "Disarm" spell or use the "Disarm Traps" skill.

5. Any destroyables near (Trees etc.)? Smash them with the "Giants Club", cast "Shatter" or just attack them.

6. Nothing else to do? Check for the next object of interest: items on the ground, enemies, destroyables (not traps!). If none is left, go to the stairs that lead to the next level.

There is some magic in the Autofight e.g. it is not neccessary to light up the whole level to find the enemies or the stairs. The player will automatically locate them.

To make the most out of the Autofight, transfer all looted items to your pet and let it sell them before triggering the next Autofight :-)


At some point in the game, you just need/want to grind for certain items, money or exp. Maybe you just don't want to play actively, but still want to do something useful. Or you like to watch other people at work. Like me :-) That's exactly what the Zombie Mode is for.